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Showing Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is fixed tooth restoration that is held in place by the abutment teeth on either side of the gap.


Do I need a dental bridge?

Your teeth work together. They support each other and you need two oposing teeth to chew. If a tooth is missing, nearby teeth can move into the empty space. The teeth in your opposite jaw can also move up or down toward the space. This can cause:

  • Bite problems
  • Chewing difficulties
  • Pain in your teeth and jaw
  • Teeth misalignment


What does it take to get a dental bridge?

You’ll typically need at least two appointments for a dental bridge.
During your first visit, we will reshape the abutment teeth (the teeth that will hold the bridge in place) and we will either take impressions or a digital scan of your teeth. You’ll have a temporary bridge to protect the exposed areas in your mouth while the lab makes your bridge.
During your second visit, we remove the temporary bridge and we places the permanent bridge. We will carefully check the bridge and make any needed adjustments to make sure it fits you comfortably.


Are there any disadvantages of dental bridges?

There are several drawbacks linked to the use of dental bridges that should be considered:

  • In some rare cases the healthy abutment teeth on either side of the gap that hold the pontic in place may become damaged
  • The structure of the teeth may change following the placement of the crowns and bridge
  • The supporting abutment teeth may have insufficient strength to hold the bridge. In severe cases, the abutment teeth may eventually need to be replaced by dental implants


The best type of restorative dental treatment will depend on the specific case, and the advantages and disadvantages should be considered in the decision-making process. We will present the different options to our patients, alongside the risks and benefits of each possibility, so that together they can make the optimal decision. Schedule and appointment if you have one or more missing teeth so we can chose the best treatment plan.

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